6 Common Treadmill Problems And Their Solutions

treadmill problem

Owning a treadmill means an excellent and easy way to perform cardiovascular workouts at home which reduce the risks of injuries and strains. Also it maintains the posture of the body and helps to shed kilos of weight in a short time.

However while using these versatile machines you will encounter various problems that need to be fixed at an earlier stage because if they are not fixed, then they will lead to severe damage and you need to call the expert.

The treadmills have common problems like slipping belts, burning smell, display problems and all these problems can be solved at home by putting little effort.

Keeping this in mind 6 common problems of treadmills and their solutions are written in the article so that you can fix your treadmill yourself easily.

6 Common Treadmill Problems And Their Solutions

1: Burning Smell

The most common problem of treadmills is the burning smell which may be due to the high friction between the belt and the deck and also a short might take place between the wiring or motor of the treadmill because of power surge.

Solution: To solve these problems, first of all turn off the machine and unplug it, also call the experts as this may cause a fire or short circuit if neglected. You can also avoid such problems by the regular maintenance of the machine.

2: Slipping Belt

Slipping belts is also a problem of treadmills and it happens when the belt is tightened or there is very high lubrication between the belt and the machine’s body. Slipping belts also occur when the belt is loose as it indicates that the treadmill requires maintenance.

Solution: To fix this problem, keep align and tighten the belt. Also you can lift the belt from its centre and check if there is a gap of 3 to 4 inches between the machine and belt. Otherwise,the belt is too tight or loose and these problems can also be solved by regular maintenance.

3: Display Error

Another common problem of treadmills is display error and it may be due to the power cord being unplugged or not plugged properly. It also happens when the battery does not work properly and needs maintenance.

Solution: To solve the issues with the display of treadmills, turn off the machine and restart it, as this may help you to fix the display errors. Also you can change the battery to solve the problem because the display is controlled by the battery.

4: Elevation Problem

Elevation problems are caused due to the improper or faulty working of motor and battery and also it happens when the connection between the PCB and the wires is not firm and tight.

Solution: This problem can be fixed by repairing and replacing the motor because this can improve the working of your treadmill. This issue can also be resolved by tightly connecting the wires to the treadmill motor.

5: Erratic Speed 

Erratic speed is also a common problem of treadmills which arises mainly because the machine is not placed on the ground correctly. The high lubrication of the belt and also the worn out treadmill components cause the speed problems.

Solution: The problem of erratic speed can be fixed by placing the machine on the ground properly and also by setting the recommended speed of the treadmill. Repairing and replacing the belt can also solve the issue.

6:Motor Problem

Motor problems are most common in the treadmills as they further lead to the belt slipping, display errors and also the erratic speed. These problems can cause serious damage and also cause fire or short circuit.

Solution: This problem can be solved by repairing and replacement of  the motor with a good quality motor. These problems can also be avoided by the regular maintenance of the treadmill.

Final Words

Treadmills provide ease to the people because they can maintain the body weight by cardiovascular workouts. These machines are a good addition to the gyms unless they have problems which need to be fixed otherwise it may cause serious damage.

Most common problems include slipping belts, motor problems and also the erratic speed which needs the replacement and repairing of the motor and battery of this versatile machine.

These problems should be solved at an earlier stage otherwise it may cause a fire or short circuits and you need to call an expert at home.

These are the 6 common problems of treadmills and their solutions and I hope this article will help you to fix your treadmill problem. Good luck!