Healthcare Product Development Trends Driving Transformation

Healthcare Product Development Trends Driving Transformation

Probably this is the time to say Healthcare is changing. Now it is going quite deep. What was once just seen as a way to save lives is now read deeper. From causes of the disease, medical professionals now see it from the perspective of symptoms and the factors causing those symptoms. Thanks to data analytics and the demand for quality treatments all over the world.

In the recent decade, healthcare product development domain underwent a rapid transformation. Despite that medical professionals are pushing for more innovation in the whole process. Here are some of the transformations which are happening in this space.

IoT & Wearable Devices

IoT is making strides in all domains and medical space is one among those. It has a larger impact on user health. Diagnostics, disease management, and preemptive care techniques are the places where IoT & wearable devices have a large role to play. Cancer was not interconnected with poor lifestyle habits some years before.

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Only when they saw excessive consumption of red meat might cause Pancreatic Cancer, they began looking for connections. Likewise, wearable devices & IoT will see connect between Cold, Flu-like conditions with major illnesses such as Diabetes and Cancer. Hence we can see a lot of medical devices with IoT configurations.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Cybersecurity is yet another topic making rounds everywhere. Since the time people spoke of integrating digital channels, cybersecurity was considered very essential. Not only is that, sharing information from one place to another a challenge existing in healthcare space.

Since the time, Bitcoin digital wallet came into existence, people started looking at the robust technology behind it. Now, a lot of banking applications are to be built with Blockchain and several others too.

Like how IoT is becoming essential in all industries, Blockchain as well is seen as something important. Already, several healthcare product development companies are building products which involve Blockchain technology completely or partially. Sooner or later, we can see healthcare devices driven by Blockchain.

Cloud Computing

For very long, medical professionals were discussing the use of Cloud Computing in healthcare. It is not only for patient diagnostics and preemptive care but also for medical device development purposes. In several standalone applications, Cloud Computing is used widely. But when it comes to holistic product development, not many seem to use Cloud Computing quite seriously.

Times are now changing finally. In the next two to three years, a lot of transformation is expected in this arena. Usage of Cloud Computing is finally taking shape and various product developers are implementing it quite seriously. Therefore, this is a place where so much change is expected to take place.


Telemedicine is already a phenomenon in developed countries. But they are yet to pick up in the developing and underdeveloped world. You might look for a specialist in your region, but the one you’re looking for will be in a different location. You cannot reach him, but still, he is the right person to treat your condition. This is where telemedicine comes to play.

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Let us say, you want to talk to a doctor for the second opinion. Here a patient can call a doctor specifying the medical condition and ask for an opinion. The doctor can charge an ex amount for the same and get it transferred to his/her bank account.

Mobile Apps

Nowadays, we see a lot of mobile applications. Some are meant to give guidance on fitness, some meant to help us in achieving fitness goals, etc. Most importantly, we see a lot of the latter happening. For example, you can have a count of the distance you walk a day.

With some of them, you can have a track of the amount of water you consume every day and a lot more of such activities. This is growing big in the developing and underdeveloped world. Even in places with low internet penetration, it is happening quite widely. This is not stopping anytime soon. Healthcare apps are getting more and more interactive and easy to use. People of all ages are widely beginning to realize its importance. In the near future, we can see a lot of transformations happening in this space.

These are some wide arenas where transformation is taking place widely. Still, we can see developments happening at the micro-level in different sub-domains of healthcare. Hence we can say it is getting more compatible with the digital world.